Sunday, June 21, 2009

A whole week with the girls.

I had my sister's 2 girls for a week while they are out of school for the summer. We had a fun time making bracelets, racing the 4-wheelers in the backward, going to the Willow Park Zoo, getting milk from the Gosner's cheese factory, and renting movies. We went and took pictures of the girls so they could make Father's Day cards for their dads. Preslee had a fun time picking Paige's outfits and doing her hair. She even did a little photo shoot in the backyard with Allie and Paige. We had a very fun week and Paige was very sad to see them go.

Happy Father's Day

I wanted to start by saying Happy Father's Day to Dusty. He is the most amazing father to Paige and a remarkable husband. He helps so much with her and helps her grow everyday. Thank you for all you do and I hope your day was amazing.
We had a very great day. Dusty wanted to just stay home and hangout with our little family. He wanted to go fishing for the day. So we went up Left Hand and went fishing. Paige had an amazing time and it was great to let her spend the day with her daddy. Here are some pictures I took of them fishing. She was so proud of the fish she caught and kept poking its eyes with a stick.